The Beginning,

It started with motorcycles. This is the first project I can remember having designed and built on my own, or at least the first project I made sure to have documented. I made it all in a few hours before lunch-time a couple of days in to the annual two week summer holiday at my grandmothers cottage in Norway. That summer I was riding my bike all over Norway on narrow winding mountain roads, exploring and experiencing the beautiful nature and scenary. I was riding on high altitude looking up on the highest peaks and decending in the steepest valleys to the water front of the most beautiful fjords. I saw a lot of wildlife, animals and birds, rein deers, foxes, sheep, squirrels and lots of lemmings, guillemots and eagles amongst other things. I went through small fishing villages and spent a lot of time looking out on the atlantic ocean spellbound by the sheer power and force and soothing beauty of this ever changing apparent eternity. When hungry I stopped and heated some blueberry soup on my META kitchen. This was the best and most inspiring holiday I ever had and I wish I will have time to do it again at some point. Since then I have done countless projects and designs. I have had my base in London U.K. since 2001 and set up my own Design Studio in 2008 focusing on product and furniture design. Now I will also finally have my web site up soon with a little help from my good friends Jerome Rigaud, Alexandre Bettler and Olivier Lebrun so you can have a look at what I have been up to. In the mean time there is this

Lars Frideen
22 Belsham street
London E9 6NG
+44 (0)7875 754 955